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JP Vodovod i Kanalizacija Skopje, Macedonia


Production, delivery and installation of a pump station for wastewater transport to the public company JP Vodovod i Kanalizacija Skopje - Macedonia

Environmental protection project for transport of untreated wastewater from east Skopje to a wastewater treatment plant – Lisice.

Realization of the project:

2010 year

Brief discription:

The main scope of this project is to protect the environmental pollution of river Vardar, by constructing a wastewater plant in Lisice. This plant will have a pumping station equipped with new Archimedean screw pumps produced by MZT Pumpi, which will transport wastewater to higher elevation for further treatment. Design, fabrication, assembly and installation were realized by MZT Pumpi.

Realized activities:

  • Design and production of 3 Archimedian screw pumps, Q=800 l/s, H=7m, Pm=90kW, Speed n=31,5 rpm, and L=13,4m
  • Installation of 3 new wastewater screw pumps.
  • Electrical works
  • Design, manufacture and installation of 3 table gates.

ALLRUS Maschinenhandels GmbH – Austria

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Production and delivery of End Suction Centrifugal pump according to API 610 standards type OH1, for propose of needs of Petro Company in Kazakhstan.

Contact Information

Str. Pero Nakov bb,
1000 Skopje,
Republic of Macedonia

+389 (0)2 254 98 17
+389 (0)2 254 98 18

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